‘Scientists Can Be Sparkly Too!’ NASA Scientist Remembers Wearing Sequined Dress to a Talk for THIS Heartwarming Reason (View Pics)
NASA Scientist Wearing Sequined Dress (Photo Credits: @RitaJKing/ Twitter)

Scientists can be fashionable too! If you are still under the impression that lab experts can only be nerds or geeks who just focus on scientific achievements, here is a woman who will erase that thought! A Scientist and Twitter user, Rita J. King tweeted sharing pictures of a sequined dress that she had worn while giving a talk in 2011. She adores that outfit and also revealed why she opted to go classier during the event. Before the talk, a few kids have written her a letter requesting to wear “something sparkly” to prove that being a scientist was not all white lab coats and safety goggles. People online loved her outfit choice for the special night and praised her opting something sparkly than usual. Do You Want to Go to Mars With Brad Pitt? NASA Invites Entries for Its Mission to the Red Planet, Last Date to Submit Your Name Is September 30. 

According to reports, Rita was invited to give a speech for the TEDxYouth NASA event back in 2011. The day before the talk, an event coordinator contacted her with a request from the girls. She compelled to oblige the girls’ plea. “I found the sparkliest dress I could,” she was quoted saying the BuzzFeed News as her tweet went viral. Sharing the pictures online. Rita wrote, “Cleaning out my closet, I came across this gown and remembered the little girls who sent me a letter and asked me to wear something sparkly for a talk I gave at NASA so they could believe that scientists could also be sparkly.”

Here's the Viral Pics:

People loved her outfit and her generosity. Rita dress can be seen in great shape with the NASA pin still attached. Twitterati is all in praises for challenging the expectations of scientists wearing ‘serious’ clothes only. Check out the reactions below:

Dream of Sparkles Into Science:

Science is For Everyone!


Her move is sure to impress and encourage girls across the world, who want to pursue a career in science. It even quite explains why the character of Amy Farrah Fowler from the popular American sitcom, Big Bang Theory opted for a makeover at the final episode of Season 12. Although, her confident look was overshadowed by her husband Sheldon’s insecurities. But she surely sends out the right message. Just like Rita!