South African Diver Was Swallowed Alive By Whale But Miraculously Escaped (Watch Video)
Diver swallowed by whale (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

Diving is not an easy sport, more so when you too deep into the oceans. A South African diver has lived to tell his miraculous escape from the mouth of a giant marine predator. 51-year-old Rainer Schimpf had a lucky escape from a whale's mouth recently. The shocking incident has even been caught on a photograph which shows his half body dangling out of the huge whale's mouth. Schimpf was shooting footage of a sardine run off the coast near Port Elizabeth Harbor in South Africa when he was gobbled up by a whale. It was an encounter of few seconds before the whale spit it out and Schimpf swam for survival! The horrific footage has been caught on video and it is going viral! Woman Called 911 to Report About Whales Getting Closer to Their Boat, Gets Trolled Online, Watch Video.

Talking about the dangerous encounter he was quoted to AFP, "I felt some pressure around my waist, I immediately knew what was happening (...) It was only a few seconds before the whale realized its mistake and opened its mouth to spit me out." Schimpf remained calm and composed in whatever little encounter it was because he knew he could not take on the large mammal. In a report to Today he said, "I was just holding myself and bracing myself and calming myself down not to be panicked, and it worked out." Although the next thing in his mind was death in the deep ocean. Seal Slaps Kayaker With an Octopus on His Face, Video Goes Viral!

Watch Video of Diver Talking About His Dangerous Encounter of  Being Swallowed by a Giant Whale 

Although it was an extremely dangerous life-threatening moment, he has called it a special moment. It was a Bryde whale which weighs upto 30 tons. Schimpf's wife was also in the nearby boat and she was the incident as it happened.