Texas Vampire Couple Demonstrates How They Suck Blood From Donor For Energy (Watch Video)
Vampires sucking on blood for energy (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

A Vampire couple has revealed their way of life, which sucks quite literally! Logan South, 32 and his wife Daley, 31 are a polyamorous couple from Texas. Like humans need food and energy for survival, this couple suck on blood from their donors' girlfriend, to get their 'supplement'. Just like diabetics use a device for their blood sugar, this couple uses it to prick and suck on the right amount of blood. In a video that was released on the internet, the couple showed how they suck on blood as their supplement of energy. ‘Vampire’ Killer Slits Throat of Woman & Drinks Blood, Gets Caught in Zimbabwe.

The couple identifies as 'vampires' and says that they experienced a vampiric awakening during their puberty. The couple who call themselves the 'king and queen' of the Vampire Court of Austin has made an appearance on the We TV reality series Extreme Love and gave the world a peek into their unconventional way of living. Feeding on blood is their monthly ritual. Daley doesn't like the taste of blood and thus cannot do it regularly. She feeds on blood only when she is feeling low. However, for Logan it is erotic. 'Vampire' Woman in Russia Stabs Boyfriend Because She Believed He Was a 'Werewolf'.

Watch Video of Vampire Couple Drinking on Donor Girlfriend's Blood

"A vampire is someone that, for one reason or another, needs to take in human energy in the form of blood or psychic energy or sexual energy to keep themselves healthy," Daley was quoted in a report. But isn't there a risk of some diseases through impurities? The couple takes all care of it. They ensure that they get to know their donors well and every six months get the donor tested to see if they have any bloodborne diseases. To enhance their appearance and behave like a vampire, the couple sleeps during the day, shun all the sunlight, wear black clothes and fangs.