This Video of Passengers Alighting Canadian Flight WestJet Sets an Example on Deboarding Plane the Right Way
WestJet flyers impress netizens (Photo Credits: @TomPodolec Twitter)

The moment the plane lands, people rush to the aisle with their bags, all ready to get off. Even if there is very little place for people, flyers don't cease to crowd the gate. While it is clear that not more than a person or two can deboard at a time, people simply stand in a queue waiting for their turn, well, old habits die hard. However, recently a video of people getting off Canada's WestJet Airlines has impressed netizens. The clip shows people getting off the flight calmly without any hassle. Chinese Man Throws Coins Into Lucky Air Plane's Engine Hoping For a Safe Flight, Airline Sues Him.

The clip garnered social media's attention after a Toronto journalist Tom Podolec shared it on Twitter. He captioned the video saying, "Fascinating video showing passengers disembarking a Westjet flight one row at time. This is an oil rig employee charter flight from Calgary to Fort MacKay/Firebag in northern Alberta." Pakistani Woman Opens Emergency Exit Door Thinking It’s the Toilet; PIA Flight Deboarded, Delayed As Aircraft’s Air Chute Bag Opens.

Watch The Video Below:

In the video, people can be seen getting off the plane, one row at a time. The WestJet flight shows people standing up one by one from each row, picking up their cabin bags and deboarding. There is crowding or frustration, people can be seen patiently waiting for their turn. The incident was recorded on a chartered flight from Calgary to Fort MacKay in the city of Alberta, Canada. It was flying employees of an oil rig. Passenger Uses His Bare Feet to Operate In-flight Entertainment Screen, Viral Video Disgusts Twitterati.

As the video went viral, social media users were impressed and commended the flyers for setting an example. People commented saying that the video should inspire people to do the same while deboarding a flight. The clip is being circulated on multiple social media platforms educating people on how to get off a plane in the right away.