Passenger Uses His Bare Feet to Operate In-flight Entertainment Screen, Viral Video Disgusts Twitterati
Man uses his feet to operate touch screen (Photo Credits: Video grab)

When travelling by flight on long journeys, the inflight entertainment is the best way to get through. Watching series or movies on the flight is a good time pass but a video has surfaced online of a passenger using his feet to operate the screen and people are furious. In the video, a man can be seen using his bare feet to scroll the touch screen on his front seat and people are disgusted. The video is going viral on Twitter and a huge outcry is going on among netizens. It also raises a concern about the basic etiquettes one must have, in terms of hygiene at least. Woman Peed on The Floor of Wizz Air Flight From UK To Poland as Toilet Was Locked For Refuelling, Arrested, Watch Video.

The video was shared by New York resident Alafair Burke, who got it from a friend. It is unclear which flight it took place on but the behaviour is sure raising eyebrows. The passenger was not even handicapped or so as Burke's friend confirmed the same man was able to enter and exit the plane carrying his luggage normally. The bare feet may not have been the cleanest at that point and the next person occupying the seat will use their hands to operate it. Drunk Flyer on Jet Airways Mumbai-Kolkata Flight Offloaded For Unruly Behaviour.

Check The Video of Flight Passenger Using Feet For Operating Screen:

Never touch anything again?

Losing their mind

Disinfectant wipes are must!

The video has got over 29,000 retweets and some are calling it the worst thing on the internet. Meanwhile, someone else mentioned that it is even wrong to assume that people's bare hands are clean all the time. So many are swearing to always sanitise their seats on a flight. After Naomi Campbell recently revealed why she scraps her seat on all flights, people can majorly relate to her after watching this video. So next time, even you are travelling by flights make sure you wipe off everything well.