10 Jul, 22:11 (IST)

A super adorable video of a newly adopted puppy is going viral on social media. Watch video:

10 Jul, 17:06 (IST)

The CISCE board has declared ICSE and ISC results 2020 today. Soon viral memes have taken over Twitter.Check Tweets:

10 Jul, 15:54 (IST)

A viral video of two little kids wearing face masks while walking down the street has impressed netizens. Isn't it so adorable?Watch Video:

10 Jul, 14:38 (IST)

A Michingan man slipped on the beach and fell, right before popping the question to his girlfriend. Yes, he gave a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'falling for you.' The video capturing the moment went viral on social media.Watch Video:

10 Jul, 13:22 (IST)

A video of a Kerala tea seller making cold coffee like a bartender's style has been shared on Twitter. It is amazing how he flips the glasses and mixes the ice and coffee.Check the Video Here:

10 Jul, 12:10 (IST)

A funny video has been shared online which shows a cat cunningly trapping a dog into his pen house. She plays with him and then leads him into his cage and escapes.Check it Here:

10 Jul, 10:43 (IST)

A huge monitor lizard was spotted in Delhi home. Picture of the creepy reptile is going viral on Twitter. Read more details here.Check it Here:

10 Jul, 09:14 (IST)

A grandpa's pics holding a signboard to find his grandchild among masked students have been shared on Facebook. The cute pics are going viral.Check them here:

10 Jul, 08:07 (IST)

The daily dose of positivity and good morning messages are shared on Twitter. Friday Motivation and Friday Feeling are trending online.Check some tweets here:

Good morning people, it is Friday, which means the stringent working hours will be ending soon, because our favourite time weekend is approaching. Although, the joy may not be extravagant, considering that we are all confined indoors, the thought of knowing that you won’t have to wake up tomorrow to work, is a relief. Unless, you have a tight timeline, you take this weekend as a break and time to rejuvenate your energy. As you begin your day, people on social media have already started sharing Good Morning quotes and messages. In this blog, we will bring you the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day, to know what netizens are sharing today, July 10, 2020.

#FridayFeels, #FridayThoughts and #FridayMotivation are already trending on Twitter with beautiful messages and images. This is a tradition for social media users. Every morning, they share Good Morning wishes accompanied by the trending hashtag on that day. This is just the beginning, as the hours would pass, more viral hashtags and trends are expected to appear online. Like every day, we promise to bring you all the information from the world of social media. From sharing light-hearted moments to online debates, netizens are more engaged these days.

This blog is dedicated to keeping you updated with everything netizens are captivated with on social media. Stay in tune with us and know the latest buzz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Happy Friday, everyone!