It is Saturday, which also means #Caturday for the netizens. The adorable pics and videos of the felines have surfaced on social media with their paws up.Check Tweets:

A kid asking permission from teacher if he can cry a "little bit" on his first day at school has gone viral. The cute kid from West Sikkim speaks in his local language with his teacher, saying he will not be loud while crying.Watch Viral Video:

An adorable video of a baby dancing to MC Hammer's iconic song "2 Legit 2 Quit," in a kitchen has taken over the internet. You cannot take your eyes off his moves!Watch Viral Video:

A TV weatherman became the victim to snowball attack by kids and passerby as he was reporting live on wintry weather in Iraq. The video capturing the embarrassing moment has gone viral on social media.Watch Viral Video:

Beautiful pictures of heart-shaped mesas from the red planet, Mars was captured by NASA. And like every year, this Valentine's Day too was more romantic after the team released heart-shaped finds in the depths of space.View Pics:

The CBSE board exams 2020 for both class 10 and class 12 has started from today. People have taken to social media to wish Good Luck to students taking the exam.Check Tweets:

Every year on February 15, World Pangolin Day is celebrated. The day is marked to raise awareness about this unique mammal. Twitter is filled with beautiful images and interesting facts about the Pangolins.Check Tweets:

It is the weekend and people online are going crazy about it. #SaturdayThoughts have flood Twitter as netizens happily welcome their forever best time, weekend.Check Tweets:

It is finally Saturday and netizens couldn't be happier. After a long tiring week, people have taken to the internet sharing stories of their Saturday mornings. Netizens are also posting motivational stories and inspirational quotes on social media platforms with the hashtags #SaturdayMorning and #SaturdayThoughts. As the day progresses we promise to keep you updated with stories from around the world. From trending stories, viral videos, tweets, Instagram stories to Facebook posts, we promise to keep you posted about everything happening on the internet.

February 15 marks various events, festivals and observances around the world. Singles Awareness Day is observed on February 15. It is celebrated by single people and serves as a complement to Valentine's Day for people who are single. Total Defence Day (Singapore) is also observed on the same day to commemorate the anniversary of the surrender of the British to the Japanese on 15 February 1942, precursoring 3 years and 8 months (44 months) of Japanese Occupation. International Childhood Cancer Day is also observed on February 15. It is a global collaborative campaign to raise awareness about childhood cancer, and to express support to families of children who are going through treatment.

February 15 also marks the birthdays of Ashutosh Gowariker, Randhir Kapoor and Jane Seymour. In the age of social media, anything and everything has the capacity to go viral on social media platforms. And we promise to keep you updated with latest trends that are keeping netizens engaged this Saturday. We wish you a Happy Saturday and hope you have a great weekend ahead.