12 Jan, 21:02 (IST)

With users rushing for WhatsApp’s alternatives such as Signal and Telegram, it is more obvious for netizens to share hilarious reactions on Twitter.Check Tweets:

12 Jan, 19:08 (IST)

Serum Institute of India (SII) employees and CEO-owner Adar Poonawalla was captured applauding in their office in Pune, as the first consignment of #Covishield was dispatched across India today.Watch Video:

12 Jan, 18:09 (IST)

It is singer Zayn Malik's 28th birthday today, and fans have flooded social media with heartfelt wishes.Check Tweets:

12 Jan, 16:30 (IST)

A shocking video shows how someone carved the name 'Trump' on to the hide of a manatee.Watch Video:

12 Jan, 15:38 (IST)
Instagram user Lance Stewart shared a video of hum playing a little 'joke' on girlfriend, by wearing a fake blood knife on his head and crying as if he is in pain. The video has gone viral on social media.Watch Video:
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12 Jan, 13:52 (IST)

#WhatsAppPrivacy funny memes and jokes continue to trend online after WhatsApp clarified on their new policy update. Read more here.Check Some Here:

12 Jan, 12:05 (IST)

A video of a fox wandering in the middle of a road in Dublin, Ireland has been caught on camera.Watch The Video Here:

12 Jan, 10:38 (IST)

A funny clip of a dog resting on a treadmill in a gym is going viral as many people find it relatable.Check the Funny Video here:

12 Jan, 09:14 (IST)

Today is National Youth Day observed on Swami Vivekananda Jayanti. Netizens are sharing greetings and messages with wishes for the same online. Check Tweets:

Infinite patience, infinite purity and infinite perseverance are the secret of success in a good cause - Swami Vivekanand#NationalYouthDay #SwamiVivekanandJayanti pic.twitter.com/npUULgn1li

— Ps Rajput (@psrajput1729) January 12, 2021

12 Jan, 08:33 (IST)

Begin your day with positivity of #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation shared online.Check tweets:

Good morning, internet world! It is another new day, with new hopes and aspirations. The Tuesday morning is filled already with positive messages and quotes on Twitter. In the next few hours, we expect more trending hashtags that will keep netizens hooked on social media. While nothing much changed recently, it appears we are pretty much adjusted by now with the ‘new normal’, and there is nothing ‘new’ about it anymore. Only that we get to see the latest updates and information from across the world on social media, which continues to get updated on this viral blog.

Yesterday, on January 11, the most-loved couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma announced the happiest news with the world as they were blessed with a baby girl. Social media users were so thrilled. From memes to congratulatory posts, netizens had their own way to welcome the baby girl. In addition, the privacy policy of WhatsApp is still a concern to people online, who continue to tweet on the same, while many find alternatives to other messaging apps. Amid these ongoing trends, we expect positive quotes and tweets honouring the great Indian monk, Swami Vivekananda. It is his birth anniversary today, and people remember him observing National Youth Day.

To know the latest trends from the internet, stay in tune with us. Meanwhile, continue following the necessary precautions and stay indoors as far as possible to avoid the further spread of coronavirus.