While netizens couldn't stop praising Shah Rukh Khan and son Aryan Khan to have lent their voices to the characters Mufasa and Simba in The Lion King Hindi, Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid dared to take a jibe at Shah Rukh Khan. SRK fans are now on a trolling spree. Read: Shah Rukh Khan Fans Troll Pakistani Actor Shaan Shahid After He Criticises the Actor for The Lion King’s Hindi Dubbing.

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Salman Khan took to his Twitter account to share a video of his attempting the #BottleCapChallenge but there's a twist to it. The actor is known for his amusing antics and after a series of his recent tweets, the new one is equally hilarious and quite commendable. Read: Salman Khan Takes the #BottleCapChallenge and Nails it In his Own Unique Way - Watch Video.

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WWE superstar Jeff Hardy reportedly got arrested on July 13, 2019, for drinking alcohol in public and create a nuisance. Twitter reacts on Charismatic Enigma's arrest. Read: WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy Arrested for Drinking Alcohol in Public, Twitter Reacts on ‘Drunk’ Charismatic Enigma’s Arrest.

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New Zealand is getting all the support online while it is locking horns with England for the ICC CWC finals. Right from the All Blacks, NZ Warriors and even some of the Indian fans are sending their best wishes to the New Zealand cricket team.

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A Twitter thread about 10x Engineer is going viral. The thread has generated various reactions from developers and engineers.

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The Mumbai Police celebrated the birthday of 77-year-old Kumud Joshi at her residence in Khar. The police officers arrived at her doorstep with a cake so that she didn't feel lonely on her birthday.

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A young boy dressed as an influencer who apologised on YouTube, for a cosplay'. While there are no direct references, it needs that the kid was referring to YouTuber Logan Paul's 'Suicide Forest' scandal. Paul had filmed a dead body at a Japenese Forest for which he later apologised.

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Video of an Uber driver singing Opera has gone viral on social media. The video was shared by the rider who was in Durban for a business trip. Read the entire story here.

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Twitterati is celebrating the weekend sharing inspirational thoughts and sayings with the hashtags #SundayMotivation, #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning.

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It's Sunday and social media users can't be happier. After a week of work, people are finally relieved that they have a day to rest. They have taken to Twitter wishing each other a great day with #SundayMotivation, #SundayThoughts and #SundayMorning. From inspirational thoughts to good morning wishes, Twitterati is wishing everyone a great day ahead. And as the day progress, we promise to bring you live updates on viral stories from around the world. Stay tuned with us for latest memes, viral videos, funny jokes, GIF images, tweets and everything that is on the top of social media game today.

The Sunday will also see the final ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match between New Zealand and England. Fans and followers of cricket are excitedly waiting to see the final cricket match. Fans of Indian cricket team were disappointed after Thursday's match where the country lost to New Zealand. However, as the finals are set to unfold today, people have taken to Twitter saying how excitedly they are waiting to see their favourite teams lift the 2019 World Cup.

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The photo is that of a grandfather sitting in front of the photo of his late wife and having a meal at their granddaughter's wedding. The tweet went viral as Twitterati tried to control their tears. The heartbreaking moment was shared online by his granddaughter. Meanwhile, we promise to bring you more such beautiful stories from around the world.