A video of an elephant playing cricket with a group of men is doing the rounds and has quickly gone viral on social media. The video posted to Twitter by an account called Gannuprem,  and viewed over 6 lakh times, has turned into a part of a larger conversation. The netizens find themselves divided in their opinion on the cuteness factor of the video. - some opine it's cute while others find the display a tad bit disheartening.  Most netizens find the whole ordeal of the elephant, clearly bred in captivity, trained to play sports for human entertainment a tad bit distasteful. Pictures of elephant playing football are winning the internet. 

In the 30-second-video the elephant is holding a stick, while a fan throws a ball and the elephant hits the ball toward another man in the video. Elephant reduced from well in Mayurbhanj district.

The caption reads, “Have you seen an elephant playing cricket? Well, he is better than many international players,”

"Holy Shit!" said one Twitter user

And others had a bit of fun being extra clever with their caption

Not everyone was on board showering praises on the poster of the video

It sure seems like there is consensus in the afore-posted views

Social media is clearly divided in their opinion of the video. While some love it and find it precious to the boot others have a hard time watching it. Which side are you on?

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