Viral Video of Five-Year-Old Boy Dancing in Supermarket With Granddad a Day Before Major Surgery Is All the Positivity You Need Today!
Viral dance video (Photo Credits: Facebook/ Ràšámî Møûä)

A very cute video of a grandfather and grandson dancing together is going viral and it will melt your heart. The story behind the viral video of the duo dancing together is really emotional but the spirit of the grandson, the 5-year-old Kyu San Juan, from Wisconsin, U.S, will steal your heart. Little Kyu was due for major surgery the next day of him dancing with his granddad to be treated for a condition he was born with. The little soul wanted to show his grandfather that one can dance wherever they wanted to, so he asked his mom to drive both him and his grandfather to a nearby supermarket and the two had the cutest dance-off in the frozen aisle.

The little strong-willed champ is suffering from a cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), that causes a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain. Kyu had surgery done wherein an opening is made in the skull also known as craniotomy AVM resection however, in the following year the little fellow's AVM grew back. But the little ray of sunshine wouldn't let all this dull his glow, before getting into surgery in the morning, Kyu organised an impromptu dance party to show his grandpa that "you can dance anywhere".

Here's the cutest conversation between Kyu and his grandad about the impromptu plan:

Kyu: Grandpa, let's go dancing!

Grandpa Txhiaj Sawm: Now?

Kyu: Yeah, it'll be fun!

Grandpa: Okay.

*Grandpa changed out of his PJ*

*Kyu stayed in his PJ*


*Pulls up to Festival Foods*

Grandpa: Do you guys need to buy something?

Kyu: No grandpa, we dance here in the groceries store.

Grandpa: Here? People are going to think we're crazy!

Kyu: People? What people?

Grandpa: I thought we were going to a party or a club.

*ME laughing hysterically*

Kyu: Grandpa, Use your imagination. You can dance anywhere!

Take a look at the cutest dace video of Kyu with his grandad:

Kyu's mom Ràšámî shot the whole performance and uploaded it on Facebook, while thanking her dad for getting into the spirit. Her thank you post read: "Thanks dad for being such a good sport for Kyu and giving him all of your time before his surgery tomorrow. It was pretty fun!" Happy update BTW, Kyu has now had the operation which went well, his mom updated: "The surgery went well and better than what the doctors had anticipated. Thank you, everyone, for your concerns, support and prayers."