Viral Video: US Teen Student Slaps and Kicks at the Teacher While Standing on His Desk, Faces Charges
Calhoun County School student kicks teacher. (Photo Credit: Screengrab Facebook/ Alicia Gadberry)

In the latest video that has gone viral, a 17-year-old student can be seen slapping on the head of her teacher and kicking at him. She was standing on the teacher's desk throwing kicks at him. This video has been taking social media by storm as people are infuriated by the teen's behaviour. The video was made on Monday at Calhoun County High School. In the video, you can see the 17-year-old performing antics absolutely derogatory towards the teacher while the rest of the student can be heard laughing. While the student does this, you can see the teacher walking away from his desk. Is Santa Real? US Teacher Loses Her Job Ahead of Christmas For Telling Children The Truth About Santa Claus.

Take a look at the video-

The student has been reportedly suspended and is facing the charges of public disorderly conduct, third-degree assault and battery. A tweet by WIS news reporter read, ' The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says a 17-year-old girl has been charged with public disorderly conduct and third-degree assault and battery related to a video that surfaced at Calhoun County High School of her standing on a teacher’s desk and hitting him.'

In the case of the teacher, it has been reportedly said that there would be no charges faced by the teacher. A tweet by Caroline Hecker of WIS news reads, 'The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says no charges will be filed against the teacher. Sheriff Thomas Summers says the teacher acted appropriately based on what he has seen in the cell phone video.'

People who have watched the video are reacting strongly against the teen. A tweet read, 'She needs to be expelled. make an example out of her. If the teacher would have hit her or knocked her ass off the desk he would have lost his job and been arrested. People work to become a teacher. She needs not be in a school anymore.'