Walthamstow Woman Requests Her Neighbour to Not Sleep With Her Husband, Sends a Letter
Woman writes letter to her neighbour requesting to not sleep with husband (Photo credits: Pixabay, panajiotis and Twitter/eddyfrankel)

Knowing that your husband is cheating on you can be a very traumatic thing to face. The thought is scary and can send any woman into a rage. Extra-marital affairs are not too easy to deal with but a woman in London had a rather calm way of handling it. A woman from Walthamstow, North London, a place that holds a reputation for no fights in public, opted to write a letter to her neighbour confronting about the affair. Or rather she put out a warning in her neighbour's front door to stop sleeping with her husband!

The picture of an A4 size letter was addressed by Emilia, saying 'Please Stop Sleeping With My Husband,' was shared on Twitter. The internet too was amused to see the note and well, they were proud of the woman's stance to 'not fight!' Although the 'All Caps' do show it as a warning.

Take a look at the woman's letter to her neighbour about the extra-marital affair:

The calmness shown by this woman has impressed people on the internet. Take a look at how some of them reacted.

As English as it gets!

Drama but a polite one

Wouldn't the husband also get something?

The mention of the word please is commendable here. Can you imagine something like this happening back here? This woman probably deserves an award for her calmness. Not sure, how this will really work for her though.