There's a new meme trend and are you following it up? If not, don't worry we are here to help and this one is for those who love using the smiling face with tears emoji. Don't we all? Even a simple thing remotely funny is expressed by making the overuse of this particular emoji. And many times you accidentally press a different emoji within this one. This latest meme trend exactly expresses that. It is called "When you accidentally type..." and it has come from TikTok videos. But since Tiktok is now banned in India, people are relying to Twitter to carry on the trend with funniest memes. The idea is to showcase the one wrong emoji with a picture of a thing/face/person it could denote. Year 2020 Funny Memes and Jokes: From Alien Invasion To Thanos, Hilarious Posts to LOL at While the Year Continues to Play Jumanji!

The smiling with tears face is a favourite for many texters. And we send more than just one of that emoticon. This latest trend mocks the accidental typo of emojis, wherein you accidentally send a different unrelated emoticon among those laughing smileys. Using the meme templates people are now tweeting the memes on "When you accidentally type..."

Check Some Here:


Sad Songs

Baburao Has to Be There

So Does Raju

Lol, So Apt!


With this trend, you will now be more careful whenever you use the smileys. Some of them have replaced the smiling tears with other smileys and pictures but the idea to show how the typo in emojis look like. And now that you know the latest trend, are you up to make your own version of these memes?

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