Wife Catches 26-Year-Old Husband in Bed With 72-Year-Old Grandma with Help of a Private Detective Agency in Birmingham
Husband cheating on wife while having affair with a grandmother. (Photo Credits: Tumisu/Pixabay)

Unidentified 24-year-old woman caught her 26-year-old husband red-handed who was having an affair with a 72-year-old grandmother after she hired a private detective agency. The couple, who’ve chosen to remain anonymous, have only been married for a year and shared a home in Birmingham. The wife got suspicious of him a while back and decided to enlist the help of Carter-Harris Private Investigators, who began looking into the matter. The woman said that she was in a ‘total fog of disbelief’ after finding out her husband of a year was unfaithful with a grandmother.

According to Birmingham Live, detectives uncovered that the woman’s husband was signed up to several dating sites aimed for meeting older women. A video footage discovered in Premier Inn, 60 miles away from their home, revealed who his mystery woman was. Daniel Shaw, a senior detective with Carter Harris, told Birmingham Live, “It didn’t take us long to catch her husband out and once we did, the details came as quite a shock.” He further added, “It’s the physical signs that are the most obvious to watch out for. Changes in dress, coming home later and later.”

The wife told the publication, “I just didn’t want to believe it. I put guilt on myself. I could not understand what I was hearing and seeing. When I viewed the video footage and saw who the other woman was…. Well, it was just a total fog of disbelief. This older woman should have known better.” The husband started acting and behaving differently. Her suspicions were aroused by his sudden personality and habit changes, so she called in the professional investigators.

The 70-year-old mistress and grandmother of four has gone into the hiding to avoid the shame of being outed as the homewrecking ‘other woman’. The woman has not filed for divorce yet, but she did say, “It’s a difficult time at the moment, but it can be great to get rid of somebody so toxic in your life.” Mr Shaw also said that there are warning signs and the phone can be the key that reveals everything.