Women’s Panties Become Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Outbreak for Two Japanese Men As They Try to Protect Themselves From COVID-19 (Watch Viral Video)
Japanese Men Wearing Women's Panties As Face Masks (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ Twitch)

The coronavirus epidemic is creating panic across the world. People are seen taking significant precautions and even changing their lifestyle choices in whichever manner they can in a bid to protect themselves from the deadly virus that has killed thousands globally. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, two Japanese men were seen following something weird that anyone can even imagine. Instead of tying face masks that supposedly protect from coronavirus, two Japanese men were seen wearing women’s underwear over their faces. A Twitch user who was recording a live streaming video while visiting Japan, was surprised to see two men walking up to him wearing women’s panties covering their noses and mouths. Australian Shoppers Have Serious Fights Over Buying Toiler Paper, Watch Videos of #ToiletPaperPanic. 

Well, this is taking the COVID-19 scare to a new extreme! Twitch is the a live streaming platform for influencers to record the experiences of everything they love to do. The Twitch user, Cjay, who is from Detroit, Michigan, often broadcasts his travels to give users feel for what it is like in Japan. However, his latest stream got users to experience something more than weird. Initially, he was seen speaking to a smoking Russian dance performer before a pair of young men approached him wearing panties over their faces. When asked, they explained the underwears were not from their girlfriends, but they actually purchased it, apparently to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Coronavirus Scare Sparks Racism? Instances of Asians Getting Attacked and Mocked Go Viral on Social Media. 

“What is that?” Cjay asked the man, referring to the mask. “Panty,” the man replied. “This is panty,” he repeats, when his friend also joined him wearing purple underwear as facemasks. After Cjay asked if the panties are from their girlfriend, the men confirmed, they bought it to stop coronavirus from infecting them. You can watch the viral video, by clicking HERE.

Face masks have become a popular item amid coronavirus scare. In fact, there has also been a shortage of these masks, as people seem to panic buy them, in a bid to protect themselves from getting infected. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that it is not necessary to wear a face mask if you are healthy, unless you are taking care of someone who might have the infection. You can put one if you are coughing or sneezing to protect from spreading the germs. However, WHO did not mention about wearing women’s panties as face masks!