The epidemic of Coronavirus is spreading globally and people are panic buying everywhere. There are over a lakh of people infected around the world and the death toll has crossed over 3,000. Wanting to save themselves from contracting the deadly flu, people are excessively buying masks and toilet papers. This panic buying has led to major fights among customers, especially in Australia. #ToiletPaperPanic has started trending on Twitter with videos of people fighting for toilet papers at different stores here. The videos show the intensity of panic that has gripped among the residents about the deadly COVID-19. Woolworths, Australia's Biggest Supermarket, Announces Limit on Toilet Paper Purchase Amid Coronavirus Panic.

The paranoia of Australian people was also being mocked online by other people when funny memes started surfacing on toilet paper. Just a few days ago, #ToiletPaper memes and jokes took over social media as netizens poked fun at the Aussies for clearing out supermarket shelves over the COVID-19 fear. But it is no more fun when you watch the panic buying result in serious fistfights and quarrels among the people. Videos of people hitting each other over toilet paper rolls are being shared online. And it is making many wonder if, "Have we really come to this?"

Watch Videos of Australian People Fighting Over Toilet Papers Amid Coronavirus Fears:

Things Are Getting Out of Hand

Adults Fighting 

Their Expression Says it All

The Only Way to Discipline?

Australia has reported 41 confirmed cases of the virus, including one death. Australia's biggest supermarket announced a limit on purchasing toilet paper because people here are buying so much. The restriction makes only four packs of toilet paper per person. The move has been brought in to ensure more customers have access to the products. And what's happening when there's no access is clearly seen on social media.

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