WWE Posts Video Titled 'Love Has No Labels' on US Independence Day (4th Of July) 2018: Watch John Cena Deliver a Meaningful Message on America's Diversity & Patriotism!
John Cena WWE American Independence Day (Photo Credits: Video ScreenGrabs)

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have come up with a beautiful message, i.e. ‘Love has no labels’ on the day of American Independence Day. The video features WWE superstar John Cena who delivers a soul-stirring message addressing the people of the United States. The video has gone viral, and there were more than 25,000 views in no time.

The less-than-a-minute video shows John Cena talking about patriotism and the diversity that makes America a great country. Talking about the diversity in the US, Cena said, “Almost half the country belongs to the minority groups. People are Lesbian, African, American, Bi, Transgender and Native American, and we are proud of them.”

Talking about the high-flair patriotism that is displayed during the celebrations of American Independence Day, Cena said, “This year, patriotism should not be just about the pride of the country. It should be about love. Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race, religion and any other labels… because love has no labels.”

Watch WWE Video ft. John Cena in ‘Love Has No Labels’ on US Independence Day 2018:

Fourth of July in the US is celebrated as Independence Day. People enjoy it with festivities and huge fanfare. It is a public holiday in the country. The video comes at an opportune time and looks to strike a chord with the audience as it talks about patriotism, and what makes America, America!