Fans are an integral part of every sports and sporting events. The coronavirus pandemic has, however, disrupted this connection and fans are no longer allowed to attend and fill stadiums for any sporting event. The restrictions brought about due to the pandemic have restricted the entry of fans into stadiums to watch their favourite team play but that alone cannot stop the die-hard fans from following and supporting their favourite teams. Many fans have come up with extraordinary plans to support their beloved teams but none so like the fans of Motor Lublin who rented cranes to watch their team race. ‘Mask On’: Indian Tennis Player Adil Kalyanpur’s Rap Song on COVID-19 Virus Goes Viral (Watch Video).

Fans of the Polish racing Motor team Lublin rented 21 cranes and climbed on them in order to watch their club in action against GKM Grudziaz at a local speedway track. Speedway Extraleague (Speedway Ekstraliga) is one of the most followed sports in Poland and is the country’s most popular sport and is followed by more number of people than even football. The fans parked those cranes outside the stadium and then lifted them as high as possible to get a good view of their team in action.

The fans also brought flares with them to show their support for the team from long-distance out and their efforts did not go in vain as their team won by a scoreline of 58-32. Take a look at the video of fans using cranes to watch their team play.

Fans Use Cranes to Watch Favourite Team Play

Fans of Motor Lublin Watching and Supporting their Team

Another Instance of Fans Watching Their Favourite Teams Atop Cranes

Speedway Extraleague is among the most followed sport in Poland and has a wide range of fanbase throughout the country. In this instance, fans showed just how much they loved their sport as they rented cranes and maintained social distancing while also watching their team play.

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