Anderson Diaz Dribbles Past Seven Players To Score an Unbelievable Goal During Columbia’s U-21 National Championships Football Game! (Watch Video)
Anderson Diaz (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Anderson Diaz, a young footballer who plays for Norte de Santander in Columbia's under 21 national championship scored an unbelievable goal. Diaz shocked fans in the 55th minute of the match where he went pass five defenders and the goalkeeper to send the ball to the nets. Let us see the video below of Anderson Diaz magic goal which fans called  'Maradonian'. David Ospina, Colombian Goalkeeper, Leaves Copa America 2019 Squad to Be With Ailing Father.

The goal scored by Diaz took fans down the memory lane when young Lionel Messi or veteran Ronaldinho did the same. Anderson Diaz was seen in full control of the ball, where he surpassed a total of 7 players to score a comprehensive goal. It is a very rare sight when the footballer beats six defenders and a goalkeeper to reach towards the net.

Anderson Diaz Scores an Unbelievable Goal 

Football Fraternity Appreciates Anderson Diaz Goal 

Inspite of this goal by Diaz, the visitor went on to lose this game. However, Anderson Diaz has made a good name in the football world as his smooth technique is appreciated by experts and the youngster may now have a bright future ahead. Anderson Diaz will be seen in the next match in Bogota.