Orkut Founder Launches Hello Network in India, Touted as 'Alternative to Facebook'
Buyukkokten's last social media, Orkut, was highly successful with 300 million enrolled users. (Photo Credits: Hello.com)

New Delhi, April 11: The founder of the now-defunct Orkut.com, Orkut Buyukkokten, has launched Hello Network in India – which is being touted as an alternative to the controversy-struck Facebook.

The Hello app is now available for free download on Google Play store for Android users in India. Buyukkokten said the company aims to increase its footprint in the Indian market, adding that so far only a sizeable beta audience was using the application in India.

Describing his new social media project as a forum where users can indulge into authentic interactions around shared passions, Buyukkokten said he would aim to recreate the magic of Orkut, which was forced to shutdown in 2014 after being outcompeted by the Facebook.

Buyukkokten said Indian audience prefer social media for discussion on various topics, including sport, entertainment, devotion, and technology. The  beta users enrolled with the Hello app includes high-profile celebrities, the company said.

Among nations where Hello app has emerged successful includes Brazil, where one million users have downloaded the application within months following the launch.

Hello's entry into the digital space comes at a time when the credibility of Facebook has been dented to a major extent due to the data breach by Cambridge Analytica.

Speaking before the House of Senates on Tuesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conceded the theft of data by a third-party firm, adding that he is acting on war-footing to fix the issue.