Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone Catches Fire; Victim Files a Lawsuit Against the Company
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Photo Credits: Android Headline)

Samsung launched its highly anticipated smartphone Galaxy Note 9 last month globally at an event held in New York. In the midst of the event, while showcasing different aspects and upgrades of the phone, D J Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile, had assured that the massive battery of 4,000mAh would be safe to use since they have conducted numerous test. But, it seems now South Korean giant had come across the same problem again as it had faced two years ago when they launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung J4+ & J6+ Smartphones to Be Launched This Week in India; Prices & Features Revealed.

The problem was the excessive heating issue, which leads the smartphone to catch fire and explode. The company faced a massive crisis in 2016, where they had to recall around 1 million units for battery replacements. Now, a new report shares a similar story, but this time it’s the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catching fire inside a purse. The incident occurred earlier this month when the victim - Diane Chung experienced sudden overheating from the device while using it, for which she paused her work and placed the smartphone inside her purse. Samsung Opens World's 'Largest' Mobile Experience Centre in Bengaluru.

After which she sensed a burning sensation following with a thick smoke and hissing sound coming from her purse. Diane Chung further explains the situation as an upsetting and a painful event, where she was all alone in the elevator all the way up to the lobby filled with smoke and a burning bag. After which, she threw the hot phone outside the elevator, where a bystander at the same floor saw it, which he then wrapped the device with cloth and dipped it in water. The victim further states that, she was deeply traumatised by this incident and for which she filled a lawsuit against the smartphone company in the Queens Supreme Court, New York. Realme 2 Pro Smartphone Teased With Water-Drop Display Ahead of its Launch; Watch Commercial Video.

The lawsuit filed against Samsung claims for compensation of the damages done to the victim’s belongings and also a restraining order to ban sales of the Galaxy Note 9 smartphones. To which the South Korean tech company replied that it was the first time they have heard about this incident, and would further investigate the matter.