Antarctic Ice is Making Creepy Sounds Due to Seismic Change and Winds, Watch Video
Antarctica Ice (Photo credits: Pixabay, skeeze)

The land of Antartica is forever covered in layers of snow and scientists have been studying in the deep interiors to know about various aspects. Now researchers from Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf have found something new, which is interesting as well as creepy at the same time. A result of the seismic changes and wind forces in the area, the ice sheets are 'singing.' Although the scientists call it singing, it is an eerie sound, more like a background score suitable for a horror flick! It is more of a creepy sound caused by the vibration sounds, and the frequency is too low to be audible to the human ear. Scientists Try Cooking in -80 Degrees in Antarctica And The Pictures Are Gravity-Defying. 

Scientists have recorded these sounds and sped it up to 1,200 times, and the result sounds like a horror movie track. Now, these observations are not too new, they have been ongoing since the year 2014. Scientists placed 34 seismic monitors in the snow and they heard these buzzing sounds. The study about these sounds is also published in the scientific journal, Geophysical Research Letters.

Watch Video of The Antartica Ice Shelf Singing Eerie Sounds

Doesn't it sound creepy? Geophysicist Julien Chapur of Colorado State University calls it "kind of like you're blowing a flute, constantly, on the ice shelf." The main purpose of learning more about the Ross Ice Shelf, which is the largest slab of floating ice in not just Antartica but also in the world. Hidden Mountain Valleys Discovered Under Ice in Antarctica. 

The researchers have also said that variations in wind strength and changes in air temperatures create that hum in the snow layers. These vibrations could also help in learning about the ice sheets responding to the constant climate change that we are experiencing right now.