Scientists Try Cooking in -80 Degrees in Antarctica And The Pictures Are Gravity-Defying
Eggs and noodles cooked in Antarctica (Photo credits: Twitter)

Living in Antarctica is not quite possible, not for regular humans. Covered with ice in every direction you see and the lowest temperatures ever recorded, this part of the earth still remains a mystery to figure. But then there are scientists who are striving hard to carry out researches in this remotest land. The Concordia station in Antartica is the farthest away from the International Space Station on the island. And an astrobiologist experimented with cooking in that atmosphere. The result was gravity-defying foodstuffs freezing immediately. Blood Falls in Antarctica? Scientists Have Solved The Mystery of Flowing Red Water Decades Later. 

Scientist Dr Cyprien Verseux tried to demonstrate to everyone, how cold exactly this spot on Antarctica is. The place where he is working has temperatures going down to -80ºC. There is a team of 13 people that are based here and are constantly studying about the weather, climate change trends and more about mother earth. In the recent experiment, Dr Verseux experimented with cooking and also show the world what is it actually like to sustain in this environment. Trees on Mars? Vegetation in Antarctica Prompts Ideas of Growing Greens on The Red Planet. 

Check Pictures of Food Defying Gravity in The Deep Interiors of Antarctica

Egg cracks

Everyone's favourite Nutella, all frozen!

There's no spoon to eat along!


Talking about these pictures, he told the Press Association, "Temperatures are rising, -60C already feels warmish after the winter months, and we decided to take photos showing the cold in a fun way before we get summer temperatures." So eating in such temperatures is definitely not possible, as the sun hasn't shown up for months. Wonder how do these guys survive their meals!