Autumn Equinox 2019: Best Time to See Northern Lights Is This Monday; Here's When You Can See Auroras in the Night Sky
Northern Lights (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The autumnal equinox is here making it a great time for skywatchers to look out for auroras. On September 23, the northern lights will be visible, especially around the Arctic Circle. September Equinox 2019 will be at 1:20 pm on

September 23 (Monday). It will appear during the early hours of Monday at the exact time the Sun crosses the celestial equator. Fall Equinox 2019 will occur on September 23 at 7:50 a.m. UT, which is 3:50 a.m. EDT and 12:50 a.m. PDT. On this day, both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will experience an equal amount of daylight. With that autumn will begin in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also a great time to look at the Milky Way. Stunning Northern Lights May Brighten Up Skies in the United Kingdom Over The Weekend!

The auroras occur depending on the strength of the solar wind. When charged particles from the Sun meets the filed lines of the Earth's magnetic field, it happens. Northern Lights are expected to be clearly visible around the Arctic Circle at around 64°-70° N in Alaska, northern Canada, southern Greenland, Iceland, northern Scandinavia, and northern Russia. If they are very clear, those on the US-Canada border can also be able to see the alluring celestial event. Amazed by Aurora Borealis Pics? Scientists Study How the Beautiful Phenomenon of Northern Lights Occur.

The Autumnal Equinox arrives at 2:50 p.m. CDT and the fall will end on December 21 at 11:19 pm EST this leading to winter and shorter days. On the fall equinox, the sun will rise due east and set due west, a pattern which will repeat during the spring equinox. Aurora Borealis, are a luminous colourful display seen in the night sky. They are generally visible in the night sky at high altitudes. Regions like Alaska, Scandinavia and Iceland witness the auroras during the winter months.