Nowruz 2024: Know Navroz Festival Date In India And Why Two Parsi New Years Are Celebrated Every Year

Festivals & Events Team Latestly|

Navroz is also known as Navroze, Nowruz or Parsi New Year. The Parsi community celebrates the festival with great zeal. One interesting aspect of Parsi tradition is their practice of celebrating the New Year twice. The first Nowruz, or Parsi New Year, will be celebrated on March 20. The second Navroz, or Parsi New Year, will be celebrated on August 15. While the festival is celebrated across the world in March, in India it is celebrated about 200 days later, in August. This happens as Parsis in India follow the Shahenshahi calendar, which doesn't include leap years. Therefore, in India, people observe two New Years - One according to the Iranian calendar and the other following the Shahenshahi calendar. Watch the video to know more

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