Beirut, September 4: In what appeared as a miracle, signs of life were detected beneath the rubble of a building that came down in the massive explosion last month. Temperature sensors detected "breathing and pulse activity", which is an apparent indication of a living being present  under the debris. George Khanisser, ‘Miracle’ Baby Born During Beirut Blast Gives a Ray Hope to the Lebanese People With His Pics and Videos.

The disaster response cell, along with senior civic officials, were not able to confirm whether a human being has been detected beneath the rubble by the time preliminary reports had emerged. A bunch of rescue workers, however, arrived at the site after the signs of life were apparent.

Once it is confirmed that a human is present beneath the debris, the top officials would be pressed into a rescue operation which is expected to last for several hours.

A rescue worker, identified as Eddy Bitar, told reporters that the temperature sensors as well as the rescue dogs have detected the presence of a human life beneath the collapsed building. "These (signs of breathing and pulse) along with the temperature sensor means there is a possibility of life," he was reported as saying.

The collapsed building under which the possible presence of an alive human was detected, is based in Gemmayze area of Beirut. The locality, closed to the port, was the worst-affected by the blast that erupted on August 4. If a person is indeed brought out alive from under the rubbles at this stage, it would be nothing short of a "miracle", commentators on social media said.

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