Facebook Shows Parenting Ads To Mother of Stillborn, Apologises After Facing Backlash
Representation Image (Photo Credits: Cnet)

London, October 18: Social media giant Facebook in the United Kingdom is facing criticism yet again after it continued to show ads about the baby product to a woman, who had posted on Facebook that the baby she had been expecting was stillborn. Anna England Kerr, a woman from the UK, said that after she posted the news to quietly tell family and friends but the facebook was clotted with ads for baby blankets, bottles and other product despite blocking them.

In an open letter to Facebook, Anna wrote, " My daughter, Clara, was stillborn in June this year. No words can do justice to the pain, shock and helplessness that I felt when this happened. My husband and I were lucky enough to receive excellent care and support, but I’ll never know what kind of parent I would have been because Clara died and the way you advertised to me made it worse." Facebook Faces Questions About Collection of Phone Numbers and Text Messages from Android Devices.

"We turned to Facebook to quietly tell our friends and family about our tragedy but, my feed was filled with ads for baby things and there was only so much scrolling I could do without bursting into tears. I found the setting to hide parenting ads for a year but it did nothing," the woman added.

Reacting to Anna's post, the Facebook spokesperson informed that it happened due to the bug and machine is learning to hide sensitive issues which Anna tried to use. He further added that we have spoken to Anna and expressed our deepest sympathy for her loss and the pain that this issue has caused her.

This controversy comes after the company is trying to gain the trust of people after the personal information of users were transferred to Cambridge Analytica by an app developer. Anna said she has received a call from Facebook’s vice president for the EMEA region Nicola Mendelsohn and she had condoled the entire incident.