Taiwan Celebrates Same-Sex Marriage! Watch Video of Gay and Lesbian Couples Happily Exchanging Marital Vows
Taiwan celebrates same sex marriages (Photo Credits: Video grab and File Image)

Same-sex relationships have still not received a wholehearted acceptance in many places. But a landmark decision for the LGBTQ community came in from Taiwan. A first gay couple tied the knot at the Taipei’s Xinyi District Household Registration office making Taiwan the first place in Asia to recognize same-sex unions. The first gay marriage took place on May 24, a week after parliament legalized it. Homosexuality Now Legal in India: List of Countries Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Not a Crime.

Over hundreds of same-sex couples came to register themselves to marry from early in the morning. According to the Interior Ministry166 same-sex couples had registered across Taiwan to get married. But as the first gay and lesbian couples took vows of marriage, there was mixed emotion of applause and tears among their friends and family. All the lovely emotions were captured in videos, which were widely shared on social media, giving more hopes to people of the community across the continent.

Watch Video of First Legal Same-Sex Weddings in Taiwan:

Couples matched their outfits, were surrounded by reports trying to capture all moments and rainbow flags wavered across the office desks. People on social media also expressed their happiness of love winning over everything. Pictures of newly married couples were shared online. Gay Couple Hosts Reception in Mumbai; First Same Sex Wedding Celebration in City After SC Verdict on Section 377.

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Congratulations Taiwan!


This fight for legalisation went on for about two years. The island's Constitutional Court was ruled as unconstitutional which violated the rights of the LGBTQ community. The law was amended to enact new laws. The laws in support of same-sex marriage was passed on May 18. The legislature voted 66 to 27 to recognize the marriages, beating the deadline of the high court by two weeks.