Woman in Kuwait Jailed For Filming Her Maid Jumping From Her Balcony and Not Offering to Help, Watch Video
Maid in Kuwait jumped off 7th floor (Photo credits: Videograb)

A woman in Kuwait has been given 20 months of jail term for filming her maid falling from the seventh floor, escaping the apartment. The maid was crying for help and left hanging on the window frame with her one hand. Although the maid survived the fall, injuring her hand and some minor injuries, the woman is being punished for not offering to help but instead making a video of the incident. Shocking! Suicide Video Live-streamed on Chinese Media, While Onlookers Encouraged Her to Jump. 

Judge Ibrahim Al-Obaid of The Court of Appeals gave the sentence of jail term. The video was posted on social media last year in March. The investigation revealed that the woman who took the video was instead trying to prove that there was no way she could have saved the maid. She was charged for filming the video and also sharing it with the public without the consent of the victim. The Kuwaiti woman can be heard saying, "Oh crazy, come back." Mathura Woman's Suicide Video Goes Viral, Husband Says 'Let Her Die' on Live Camera. 

Watch Video of the Maid Falling Off From the Seventh Floor

The woman filmed the incident in order to show that she was not the one who had hurt the maid, but nor did she bother to help. In fact, the woman can be heard saying, "Hold me, hold me," when her hand slips and she fell down. The woman gave no reaction but continued to film the incident. The paramedics then rushed to the spot and took her to the hospital. The maid got a broken arm, and her nose and ears were bleeding.

The reason why the maid took such a step was not revealed but nor did her employer offered to help. Maids in the Gulf state have previously complained of mistreatment and abuse but this employer did nothing but record the misery. She now faces 20 month of jail term to serve for it.