New Delhi, Jul 22 (PTI) Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav on Thursday said India is committed to work with G20 nations for a better world and stands together in solidarity with the global community in mounting a "strong and effective" response to secure the health of the planet and its people.

Leading the Indian delegation at the G20 Environment Ministerial, the minister during his virtual address underscored the need for a collective global action to tide over the ongoing Covid crisis, and said developing countries need every possible support more than ever before.

"India is committed to work with the G20 countries for a better world leaving no one behind, and stands together in solidarity with the global community in mounting a strong and effective response that secures the health of the planet and its people," Yadav said.

The G20 Environment Ministerial meeting held today at Naples in Italy was attended virtually by the Indian delegation led by Yadav.

In an official statement, the ministry said on 'Nature-Based Solutions' (NBS) and Sustainable Finance, the minister said the contexts and perspectives should be guided by the stage of economic development, national circumstances and priorities, and must not come at the cost of developing countries' competitiveness, equity and development.

For tackling marine litter, Yadav emphasized that India has been taking voluntary regulatory measures on plastic waste management.

The minister also mentioned about the initiatives taken by India on Resource Efficiency (RE) and Circular Economy (CE), and that the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue should also strengthen exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practices on RE and CE and support the transition to sustainable and equitable resource use for a better future.

"During the course of the daylong meeting, India welcomed global initiatives like UNESCO's International Environmental Experts Network; protecting at least 30 per cent of global land area and oceans by 2030, land degradation neutrality by 2030, the third report on the G20 Implementation Framework for actions on Marine Plastic Litter etc.

"India also welcomed the G20 Dialogue on Water but reiterated taking into account national circumstances and priorities, and underlined the need for effective and implementable post 2020 biodiversity framework," the statement said.

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