New Delhi, May 31: IndiGo on Monday said senior employees will have to go on compulsory leave without pay (LWP) for up to four days per month till September as passenger traffic has reduced due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The second wave has been difficult for all of us and has also resulted in reduction in passenger loads. As a result our commercial schedule had to be curtailed accordingly," Ashim Mittra, Senior Vice President – Flight Operations, IndiGo, said in an email to pilots of the airline. Second Wave Is Not Really COVID-19 But Effect of 5G Tower Radiation Making Air Poisonous and Causing Breathing Issues? Know the Truth Behind Fake Post.

Due to the reduced capacity, the airline will have to institute an LWP programme for all employees which would range from 1.5 to 4 days depending on the employee group, he noted.

Employees in Band B and Band A have not been touched under this LWP programme. Majority of the employees of the airline are in Band B and Band A, which are the lowermost bands. Mittra stated, "All pilots would undertake 3 days of LWP for the next 3 months effective 1st June, 2021."

The domestic air travel has significantly reduced in the country during the last couple of weeks. On February 28, around 3 lakh domestic air passengers travelled in India. On May 30, domestic flights operated in India with around 70,000 passengers approximately.

Mittra said in his email, "We have been focusing on our vaccination drive and we have been able to facilitate vaccination for our employees at various stations. As on date, approximately 80 per cent of our eligible pilots have been administered their 1st dose of vaccine."

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