New Delhi, Jan 22 (PTI) A new dawn of human progress awaits the youth of India and it is upon them to make it free of petty jealousies and soul-sapping prejudices of regions, religions, castes and classes, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh told cadets of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) on Saturday.

"Every generation has discovered the truths of life anew. The truths that we discovered or our preceding generations discovered, would certainly aid you in your process of discovery," Singh said in his virtual address to cadets at NCC's Republic Day camp.

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He said the youth will have to work to find the solutions themselves.

"A new dawn of human progress awaits you. Let that dawn be free from petty jealousies and soul-sapping prejudices of regions, religions, castes and classes," he mentioned.

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"Let there be equality between men and women, enjoying the highest measure of liberty, consistent with the common good," he noted.

The minister said the youth should dream big, think new and different ideas, dare to chart their own course, venture into rough seas with a sensitive heart, and bring back the pearl of wisdom and empathy, he mentioned.

He said the lessons learnt at the camp such as unity, discipline, truthfulness, courage, harmony, fraternity and leadership, have always been the guiding qualities in our country, and by adopting these qualities, our youth set a great ideal in the society.

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