Chennai, July 30 (PTI): Vedanta Ltd-owned Sterlite Copper on Friday said it would be winding up the operations of its facility producing liquid medical oxygen in Tamil Nadu on July 31 as was ordered by the Supreme Court. The operations of the plant in Tuticorin, about 600 kms from here, would be stopped, Sterlite Copper said in a press statement.

The court, in its order on April 27, granted three months to run the plant till July 31, 2021, the company said.

Sterlite Copper said itsappeal for operation of the facility for a period of six months would be heard by the apex court on August 6.

"Till date, we have been able to supply 2,132 metric tonnes of medical grade oxygen to 32 districts in Tamil Nadu," the company said.

It said 134 metric tonne of liquid medical oxygen was available as stock and it was optimistic of further orders from the court to resume production.

Sterlite Copper has requested the Tamil Nadu government for 2 MW of power supply to keep the oxygen plant in standby condition and that would be essential in dispatching the stock from the unit.

"We are grateful to the court, Centre, State and district authorities for bolstering our efforts during this time. In view of the continuing uncertain situation, we stand prepared to resume oxygen production as and when directed by the court," he said.

The facility in Tuticorin district began producing medical oxygen on May 13 to meet the demand for the life- saving gas following a surge in COVID-19 cases in the State.

The Sterlite copper smelter plant was accorded approval by the then AIADMK government on April 26 at an all-party meeting to produce medical oxygen at its facility for a period of four months.

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