Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) [India], Dec 01 (ANI): Rajasthan is home to various unique art forms that have originated from this land, and the state has mesmerised many in different parts of the world. One such unique art is Dabu art which is known for the usage of intricate motifs and premium quality dye.

A community named Chhipa from Akola village of Chittorgarh district is carrying forward this ancient legacy since ages.

The 5000-year-old handcraft has remained unchanged till date, due to its organic nature.

To create Dabu art, the craftsmen create handmade-designed wooden blocks which they dip in a special mixture made of various natural ingredients. Later the blocks are printed on clothes and processed. A superior quality of natural colours are used for the purpose of dye.

However, with time it is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a livelihood through this unique art. The Chhipa community is shifting to other professions gradually as they complain that 'middleman' is taking benefit of their painstaking craft.

One of the pioneers of the Dabu Art, Sureshchand Chippa says, "I have received National Award in 2015 but the recognition failed to change our scenario."

Chippa further says, "We stay inside the village and people do not come here much. We lack exposure thus we fail to reach people. The middleman showcases our work to the world and we are obliged to them for it but we do not get what we deserve."

About seven to eight families work under Chippa to create products with Dabu art.

Chippa's father brought the changes in Dabu art by introducing the technique in fabrics such as bed sheet, saree and stole.

In Akola village, 60 to 70 families have retained this vocation and most of them earn their livelihood by making 'fetiya' (skirts) for the elites.

Moreover, with screen prints which are available in the market in large quantity, Dabu art is seeing a downfall.

Chippa feels that online business will help them in dealing with the customers directly, however, at present, it is the government's assistance which the Dabu artists are looking forward to.

While customers from around the world clad themselves in Dabu art, the Dabu artists live in hope to see a better future someday. (ANI)

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