Gully Boy Is India's Official Entry To Oscars 2020 and Aparna Sen Explains Why

Gully Boy was selected from over 28 names as India's Official Entry to the Oscars 2020. That divided Twitter on whether or not it's a good selection. The one question everyone wanted an answer to was, 'Why Gully Boy?' Well, finally we have the answer from Aparna Sen who headed the Jury panel. She said it was a unanimous decision. Gully Boy For Oscar 2020: When the International Media Hailed The Strong Women Characters In The Film

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Aparna Sen reasoned, "Gully Boy got the most number of votes. Because of its overall artistic merit as well as its popular appeal, it was felt by the jury to be the fittest film to represent India at the Oscars, which is essentially a popular award.” Does that answer your question? What peeved people was Gully Boy seems inspired from Curtis  Hanson's movie 8 Mile and that according to many, ruins its chances to clinch the golden statue. Zoya Akhtar has already denied the similarities, though.

But this is great news for people associated with Gully Boy. Farhan Akhtar while talking to ANI had gushed, "I am very grateful to the Film Federation of India as they have selected Gully Boy. And I am very grateful to the Film Federation of India as they have selected Gully Boy. A lot of hard work is left, about 150 countries send in their entries for the foreign film category. So to get selected and reach in the final five is a very big thing in itself. After which, we'll see what happens next. But first, we'll work our hardest to get into the final five."

We agree with Farhan here. The makers will have to do a lot to help Gully Boy reach the final nomination list and we hope he does make it.