Gulzar Birthday Special: 20 Beautiful Songs That Possess the Magic Flowing From the Maestro’s Penmanship! Watch Videos
Gulzar (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Just what can you say about Gulzar saab, whose legacy should be cherished in the generation that we live in and for the generations to come. As we are bombarded with songs with puerile lyrics with a penchant of everything materialistic, good Bollywood music lovers get to understand the true value of the magic that comes from the pens of Gulzar and Javed Akhtar. Unlike Javed Akhtar, though, Gulzar isn't as prolific in Bollywood as he used to be. Or is that the modern-day filmmakers can't really understand how his lines can change a song from good to great? Tagore's Ekla Chalo Re My All Time Favourite : Gulzar.

What can you say about the legend who can make a rustic item song like 'Beedi Jalai Le" (from Omkara) sound so classy? Or hide enough sexual connotations in his lines that we have to listen twice before realising Gulzar saab had just played with us? Listen carefully to songs like "Namak Ishq Ka" (Omkara), "Aye Udi Udi" (Saathiya), and "Raat Ke Dhai Baje" (Kaminey) to know what I am talking about.

Gulzar, who began writing songs from 1961 with the classic Kabuliwala, has never written even one bad song! But it is not just lyrics that Gulzar is a pro at. He is an acclaimed director, retired for now, who has made gems like Mere Apne, Koshish, Mausam, Aandhi, Kinara, Angoor, Lekin..., Maachis et al. The underrated Hu Tu Tu was the final movie that Gulzar has directed, the failure of the film perhaps not motivated the maestro to make more movies. Pity that, as Bollywood deserved more gems from him. Though he does pen screenplays occasionally, with the 2016 film Mirzya being his last. Lata Mangeshkar Urges MS Dhoni Not to Retire, Dedicates Gulzar's Song to Team India After CWC 2019 Ouster.

On August 18, 2019, Gulzar saab celebrates his 85th birthday. We decided to commemorate the genius with words by listing 20 of our favourite songs penned by him, and the verse we liked the most in them. Get hooked!

#1 Dil Dhoondta Hai

Movie: Mausam

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Jaadon Ki Narm Dhoop Aur Aangan Mein Let Kar...Aankhon Pe Kheench Kar Tere Aanchal Ke Saaye Ko... Aaundhe Pade Rahe Kabhi Karwat Liye Huye..."

#2 Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi

Movie: Aandhi

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Tum Jo Keh Do to Aaj Ki Raat Chaand Doobega Nahin… Raat Ko Rok Lo… Tum Jo Keh Do to Aaj Ki Raat Chaand Doobega Nahin… Raat Ko Rok Lo… Raat Ki Baat Hai Aur Zindagi Baaki to Nahi…

#3 Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi

Movie: Khamoshi

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Jhuki Hui Nigaahon Mein, Kahin Mera Khayaal Tha... Dabi Dabi Hansi Mein Ik, Haseen Saa Gulaal Tha... Main Sochta Tha, Mera Naam Gunguna Rahi Hai Woh... Na Jaane Kyon Laga Mujhe, Ke Muskura Rahi Hai Woh..."

#4 Aane Wala Pal

Movie: Gol Maal

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Aanewala Pal Jaanewala Hai… Ho Sake to Iss Mein Zindagi Bitaa Do… Pal Jo Yeh Jaanewala Hai…"

#5 Naam Gum Jayega


Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Waqt Ke Sitam Kam Haseen Nahi… Aaj Hain Yahaan Kal Kahi Nahi… Waqt Se Pare Agar Mil Gaye Kahi… Meri Aawaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai…"

#6 Bole Re Papihara

Movie: Guddi

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Palkon Par Ik Boond Sajaaye… Baithi Hoon Sawan Le Jaaye… Jaaye Pee Ke Des Mein Barse… Jaaye Pee Ke Des Mein Barse… Nit Man Pyasa, Nit Man Tarse…"

#7 Phir Wohi Raat Hai

Movie: Ghar

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Kaanch Ke Khwaab Hain Aankhon Mein Chubh Jayenge… Palko Mein Le Na Inhe Aankho Mein Rut Jayenge… Yeh Raat Hain Khwaab Ki Khwaab Ki Raat Hain…"

#8 Aye Zindagi Gale Laga Le

Movie: Sadma

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Hum Ne Bahane Se Chhup Ke Zamane Se... Palkon Ke Parde Main Ghar Bhar Liya... Tera Sahara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi... La La Lala La La Lala La La La... Tera Sahara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi..."

#9 Tujhse Naraaz Nahin

Movie: Masoom

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi… Hairaan Hoon Main, O Hairaan Hoon Main… Tere Masoom Sawaalon Se… Pareshaan Hoon Main… O Pareshaan Hoon Main..."

#10 Yaara Seeli Seeli

Movie: Lekin...

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "O Yaara Seeli Seeli, Dhola Seeli Seeli… Yaara Seeli Seeli, Birha Ki Raat Ka Jalna… Yeh Bhi Koi Jeena Hai, Yeh Bhi Koi Jeena Hai… Yeh Bhi Koi Marna…"

#11 Chappa Chappa Charkha Chale

Movie: Maachis

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Gori Chatkori Jo Katori Se Khilaati Thi… Jumme Ke Jumme Jo Surme Lagaati Thi… Kachchi Munder Ke Tale… Chappa Chappa Charkha Chale…"

#12 Chaiyya Chaiyya

Movie: Dil Se...

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Woh Yaar Hai Jo Khushboo Ki Tarah… Woh Jiski Zubaan Urdu Ki Tarah… Meri Shaam Raat, Meri Kaayanat… Woh Yaar Mera Saiyaan Saiyaan…"

#13 Aasman Ke Paar

Movie: Rockford

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Mere Paanv Ke Tale Ki Ye Zameen Chal Rahi Hai… Kahin Dhoop Thandi Thandi… Kahin Chhaanv Jal Rahi Hai… Is Zameen Ka Aur Koi Aasman Hoga…"

#14 Chupke Se

Movie: Saathiya

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Chupke Se Chupke Se Raat Ki Chaadar Taale… Chaand Ki Bhi Aahat Na Ho… Baadal Ke Peechhe Chale… Jale Katraa Katraa Gaale Katraa Katraa… Raat Bhi Na Hile Aadhi Aadhi..."

#15 Namak Ishq Ka

Movie: Omkara

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Balam Se Manga Manga Re… Namak Ishq Ka Tere Ishq Ka… Haaye re Tere Ishq Ka… Zabaan Pe Laga Laga re Namak Ishq Ka…"

#16 Khaali Hai

Movie: Paheli

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Doobta Hai Din Toh Shaam Ko… Saaye Udte Hain, Teri Yaadein Liye… Lakh Din Hue Hain Ke Raat Ko… Aadhe Chand Se, Teri Baatein Kiye…"

#17 Yun Hua

Movie: Striker

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Aur Phir Yun Hua… Raat EK Khawaaab Ne Jaga Diya… Phir Yun Hua… Chand Ki Woh Dali Khul Gayi… Aur Yun Hua… Khwaab Ki Woh Lari Khul Gayi…

#18 Dil Toh Bacha Hai Ji

Movie: Ishqiya

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Wallah Ye Dhadkan Badane Lagi Hai… Chehre Ki Rangat Udane Lagi Hai… Darr Lagata Hai Tanha Sone Mein Ji… Dil to Bacha Hai Ji..."

#19 So Jao

Movie: Haider

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Chhota Na Bada, Koi Lamba Hai Na Bauna Hai… Kabaron Ke Tadabon Mein, Lambi Neend Sona… Na Bistar Hai Na Bori, Na Maa Na De Lori… Farishton Ki Lori, So Jao…"

#20 Ae Watan 

Movie: Raazi

Best Gulzar Magic Lines: "Tujhpe Koi Gham Ki Aanch Aane Nahin Doon… Kurbaan Meri Jaan Tujhpe, Shaad Rahe Tu… Ae Watan, Watan Mere, Aabaad Rahe Tu… Main Jahan Rahun, Jahaan Me Yaad Rahe Tu…"

So which of these songs have your favourite Gulzar verses? Or do you think there should have been place here for another gem from the Dadasaheb Phalke Award and Padma Bhushan awardee? Share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.