Aladdin Special Look Teaser Video OUT: Will Smith as Genie is Funny and 'Blue' in Disney's Grand Live Action Movie
Stills From Aladdin Special Look Video (Photo Credits: YouTube)

The new Aladdin teaser or what they are calling as 'special look' video is here. Disney's live action movie on the most liked fables of childhood is here. The makers had announced that Will Smith will be playing the Genie in this new flick but there were certain inhibitions in fans' minds regarding his look in the film. However, he had assured the fans that he will be seen in 'blue' as the genie is supposed to be and how he kept the promise! The genie is not only blue but funny as well! Aladdin First Look Gets a Thumbs Down From Twitterati as Genie Isn't Blue, Will Smith Reverts With an Assurance.

Although, not much is revealed in this teaser about Will's character, we can see glimpses of the vibe and other prime characters of the movie. The handsome Aladdin is played by Mena Massoud and his princess Jasmine is played by British actress Naomi Scott.

Check out the Trailer/Special Look Video of Aladddin Here:

Needless to say, the special look is everything you must have expected from a typical Disney movie. Although, it is a princess movie again, it is nothing like 'Tangled'. It is in fact, a grander and mysterious version and fans are sure to get smitten by it now. While Mena is a treat to the sore eyes, the elegant Naomi fits perfectly into the shoes of Jasmine. Speaking of Will, he has just one dialogue in this video but then he owns it like a boss with his usual sass and wit!

We are surely in for a huge treat on May 24 as that's when the movie will hit the theatres. So, now that we finally know that our Genie is in blue, can we start counting days already?