Aquaman Final Trailer Is So 'Badass' That We Are Ready To Forgive DCEU For Every Bad Movie - Watch Video
Jason Momoa in Aquaman (Source: YouTube)

The latest trailer of the upcoming superhero film Aquaman dropped today. Yea, even we did not see this one coming. This is going to be the final trailer before we see the movie in theatres on December 14. Yes rest of the world, Aquaman is releasing in India a week before December 21. Take that. So, back to the trailer - we thoroughly impressed. So impressed that we are ready to forgive DCEU for disasters that were Man of Steel, Suicide Squad and Justice League. If the 5 minutes long extended trailer did not do the magic for you, this new trailer will surely nail it. We get to so much more of new footage in this trailer. The downside of this is that it almost seems like if we stitch together all the trailers, we might have seen the entire movie.

Nevermind. We believe in James Was as a filmmaker. We are assuming he has kept a lot of it hidden in the store for us. In the new trailer, we get a better look at Jason Momoa as the titular character exploring the underwater world of Atlantis. We also get a glimpse at his first swimming lesson in the sea.

The new trailer is also a total upgrade on the background score. I am totally in love with the theme music that DC has given to Wonder Woman in their cinematic universe. Aquaman too gets a badass theme music as revealed in the newest trailer. The man who created the Wonder Woman music - Rupert Gregson-Williams - was also brought on board for Aquaman and he has done an incredible job. Apart from the movie, now I am totally waiting for the soundtrack to come out on iTunes.

Aquaman, directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa, released on December 14 in India.