Avengers 4 Trailer to Release This Week Following Captain Marvel's New Footage?
Avengers Infinity War poster (Photo Credits: Marvel)

We are still waiting to hear from the Marvel Studios even about the title of the upcoming Avengers 4 movie. But as per the latest reports, the wait might end in no time now. Screen Geek reports that the first footage of the Infinity War sequel will drop on December 5. This comes right after Marvel released the second trailer of Captain Marvel, earlier today. This would be the first time the studio will release two trailers back to back if at all that happens.

The entertainment website first reported that Avengers 4 trailer was set to debut on December 4's Monday Night Football on Disney owned ESPN and was to be followed up by Captain Marvel's new trailer on December 5 on the news show Good Morning America. But they updated their report to say that the releasing order has been switched with Captain America trailer 2 arriving before Avengers 4 promo. With the former's trailer out, all we have is time to kill until the latter arrives too.

Although there is one hiccup now. We Got This Covered reports that the network is pondering over delaying the trailer release because of the funeral of George H.W. Bush happening on Wednesday. Channel will be covering the event from around 11 am, resulting in the rumour that Good Morning America might cancel their plans for a trailer unveiling

It also makes sense since Marvel Studios would not want to drown the hype around Captain Marvel's new trailer with Avengers 4 footage, which is most likely to happen. Also, one very popular fan theory on the internet suggests that Avengers 4 trailer will release on December 13.

Let us see if Marvel Studios releases Avengers 4 trailer tomorrow or not. We are rooting for the former scenario to turn out to be true. Because we have waited for more than enough since Infinity War left us emotionally drained and exhausted.