Corey Feldman: I Can No Longer Defend Michael Jackson
Corey Feldman is shocked after watching Michael Jackson's Leaving Neverland (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Actor Corey Feldman says he has watched Leaving Neverland and found the documentary about late Michael Jackson shocking and disturbing. The two-part four-hour long documentary is built around the testimony of adults -- Wade Robson and James Safechuck who allege that they were abused as children by Jackson. Feldman was criticized for defending Jackson with a series of tweets, insisting that the late singer never touched him inappropriately during their friendship. Leaving Neverland Controversy: The Simpsons Episode Featuring Michael Jackson to be Removed.

He appeared on Headline News on Thursday to clarify his previous remarks, reports "I don't want to be perceived as I'm here to defend Michael Jackson because I can no longer do that. I cannot in good consciousness defend anyone who is being accused of such horrendous crimes," Feldman said.

Referring to criticism of his earlier social media posts by other victims' advocates, Feldman said, "I certainly want to apologize if anybody took anything that I said out of context in those tweets because it certainly wasn't meant in any way to question the validity of the victims." He said he found the documentary's two alleged victims to have very compelling stories. Leaving Neverland Effect: Michael Jackson's Songs Banned From Radio Stations After Child Abuse Allegations Get Hurled on Him.

"And both of these guys sound very believable, because they are talking about a cycle that's called grooming. And the grooming process certainly fits the mold, and that's why this case must be taken seriously -- that's why all cases must be taken seriously." But Feldman, who was a frequent companion of Jackson in his early teens, says nothing inappropriate happened with him.