Golden Globes 2020: Game of Thrones Fans are Furious after Kit Harrington Bags the Only Nomination for the Show
Game of Thrones gets snubbed at Golden Globes 2020 nominations (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Golden Globes 2020 nominations were announced today evening and Game of Thrones fans aren't really excited about it. With Kit Harrington bagging the only nomination in one category for the entire show, fans are clearly upset with the jury snubbing their favourite and the most iconic HBO series. Twitter is currently flooded with angry tweets from the show's fans where they are ranting against the nominations list and questioning the reason behind this ignoring. However, weren't the same fans enraged over its bittersweet ending in the finale season? Golden Globes 2020 Nominations: 'The Irishman', 'Joker', 'Knives Out' and Other Big Releases Who Dominated the List.

Game of Thrones season 8 was clearly not the best version to come from of the show's writers. We have seen them pen some brilliant seasons in the past and its finale was more of a rushed work. We did read tweets about fans slamming the last and the final season and wonder if these are the same ones who are blaming Globes for keeping the show out of its nominations list. Check out their angry tweets rants below...

Imagine Emilia saying 'Dracarys'


The Queen of the North was Ignored

Kit Harrington Getting a Nomination, Really?

Who else is Rooting for GoT Girls?

Chances are very Bleak, dear!

You owe us an Explanation, Jury!

Yea, well they Acted Really Well

Tim Allen, Dakota Fanning and Susan Kelechi announced the nominations in an event which was telecasted live on Golden Globes' Facebook page. The 77th annual Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 5, 2020, and they will be followed by Oscars on February 6.