Game Of Thrones Finale Records a Massive 19.3 Million Viewership, Highest in HBO History
Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones (Photo Credits: HBO)

HBO series, Game Of Thrones finally came to an end yesterday and even though it may not have been everything we hoped for but it still was a bitter-sweet goodbye. Fans were all over social media discussing the final season and more importantly, the big finale. The fantasy drama which kickstarted in 2011 has been one of the most popular shows around the globe and over the years has amassed a huge fan base. The viewership numbers of the final episode of the show are proof of the popularity of it has gathered. Game of Thrones 8 Finale: From the Dragon Queen to Jon Snow – All the Characters Who Reached the Last Episode and What Happened to Them! (SPOILER ALERT).

The final episode of the show, titled 'Iron Throne' recorded a massive 19.3 million views. After the show's penultimate episode gathered approximately over 18 million views. It was expected that the last episode of the season would be a big deal considering after a two-year long wait for the final season, fans were waiting to see who takes the Iron Throne. According to HBO, the series's last offering clocked almost 13.6 million users when the episode was telecast on the channel on Sunday, 9 PM, which is the most-watched telecast in the channel's history. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: Drogon's Best Moments on the Final Season Prove He Was the True Hero of the Show!

This does seem to be the year of finales for series as yet another popular comedy sitcom, Big Bang Theory ended its run last week. The show's final episode garnered a viewership of 18 million as reported by CNN. Despite fans complaining about the way the series panned out, the viewership numbers suggest that it was still the most-anticipated series finale of recent times.

The social media outrage over Game Of Thrones finale has been massive and there were even petitions being signed asking for a remake of the show. A user of Twitter commented on the contradictory actions of viewers saying, "Gotta love it when people are screaming, ranting, and petitioning about how much they hate it, only to set record number viewership as Season 8 progressed."

If you still haven't watched the final episode of Game Of Thrones, it is available for streaming on HotStar Premium in India.