Ishqbaaaz December 6, 2018 Written Update Full Episode: Suryakant And Dadi's Romantic Moment Gets Shivaay Suspicious, While Jai Succeeds In Stealing Oberoi's Bid Quote!
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Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with qawwali night in the Oberoi Mansion. Suryakant starts with a romantic shayari for Kalyani. Nani asks someone to reply to Suryakant's shayari. Just then Kalyani reverts back by reciting another Shayari, everybody has a hearty laugh. Then a qawwali song is sung by the ladies, the guys too tune into the mood and sing a filmi song for the all the ladies. They all have a happy time. Suryakant brings a gift for Kalyani, she asks him what is this? It’s a saree and Suryakant requests Kalyani to drape this saree. Kalyani refuses but Surkayant says he will still wait for her. All are busy in the dance when Jai sneaks into Shivaay’s room and starts searching for the confidential file. He gets the file and starts copying it into his laptop with a promise to defeat Shivaay by biding one Rupee less then him and keeps the file back in the cupboard. Ishqbaaaz Season 2 Promo Out: We'll See Nakuul Mehta In A Perfect Combination of Shivaay & Anika's Son Shivaansh, And We Can't Keep Calm!

Shivaay is not able to sleep, so he goes out for a walk and sees Rudra and Omkar there. They too aren't sleepy. Shivaay asks them whether they would like to some hot chocolate? While they are discussing something Kalyani Dadi comes wearing a saree. Shivaay asks Rudra and Omkar to bid on the company's behalf and asks them to represent as he's busy with a meeting. Dadi sees them and hides, Suryakant comes from behind and sings a song holding Kalyani. The three of them hear the song and start looking around to find out where is the sound coming from. Dadi is feeling very bad and ashamed of her behavior and asks Suryakant to go from there, she pushes him away.  When she goes Rudra and Omkara ask her what is she doing wearing a saree and dressed up at this time of night. She tells them she had gone for a jagrata at the Tondons house and just returned from there. While going she mistakenly sings the same song which Suryakant was singing. Rudra and Omkara question her and she says I heard this song at the jagrata, she asks them to go and sleep. Suryakant also sings the same songs, Shivaay hears this and questions him. He says it’s a nice old song and he love it. Shivaay feels something is wrong.

Priyanka waits in her bedroom for Jai to come, as he enters the room she asks him what was he doing so late, She tells him that they are not in his house, but in the Oberoi mansion. He ignores her, while he is leaving she says please I want two things to be maintained here. First, change your tone of  talking and the second behave like a husband with me in front of them She asks him to go sleep and wishes him a good night.  Next morning, Rudra and Omkara  get ready to go for the meeting, Shivaay tells them to be prepared for the final bid and be serious at work. Omkara asks Shivaay whether he was working whole night, Rudra says we were also awake the whole night and found out who is singing the song it was Dadi, who had gone for a jagrata at the Tandon's house; Shivaaay says strange because Suryakant was also singing the same song. Shivaay and Omkar have some doubts, but are not clear.  Shivaay says don’t focus on any other thing other then the bid, just then Jai comes and taunts him as to why is he so tensed? But then Shivaay says whether it is the Kothari or the Oberoi’s both will come to the same family. They wish each other good luck and proceed. While leaving Jai says to himself deal will come to the Kothari’s only.

Dadi is very tensed with her behavior while Nani comes in to her room and sees the saree and ask whose is it? Dadi tells it's for Priyanka, but Nani says don’t lie dear this saree is of our age and not Priyanka and goes out of the room. She sees Suryakant  hiding outside the room, and says next time don’t give a red saree give her a yellow one.

In the upcoming episode, we will see the bidding proceedings taking place. Will Jai land the deal by cheating on Shivaay and betray him? We will find out tomorrow.