Many business owners have suffered at the hands of the pandemic over the past 18 months and life has changed dramatically for most of us.

Businesses around the globe could have pivoted more quickly and thrived instead of dived… if they only knew how.

Since more than 85% of all search traffic is video, there has never been a better time to master your voice on-camera to grow your business and gain more visibility. Visibility after all, equals power and influence in the global marketplace.

This is exactly what The Top Internationally Ranked Public Speaking Coach excels at: Helping business owners develop vocal confidence and the sound of leadership on video.

Elisa James M.Mus., T.h.M.,   is an award-winning International Performer with more than 35 years of experience world-wide as an entertainer, speaker, and singer. She’s also an Amazon Bestselling Author, and the founder of Haps Voice Pro & the Voice of Confidence TV. As Australia’s leading public speaking coach and mentor, she is dedicated to helping business owners sound like a leader on camera, on stage and on podcasts with her Speaker Mastery Programs & On-Camera training.

Having helped some of the world's most successful leaders develop their Unique Vocal Brand, Elisa's programs help students speak with authority, passion and authenticity so they can be seen & heard as a leader in their field.

Elisa spent 35 years of her career in the entertainment industry as a professional singer, speaker and actor, and holds two master's degrees in voice and holistic health. Her holistic approach to voice and performance is unique and uses a  5-step system that gives people complete mastery over their public speaking skills.

Elisa states, "when people feel more confident in communicating their message, it results in better leadership skills, respect and authority in their field.

My mission is to help people find their authentic voice of confidence so they can feel more fulfilled and successful in life and in business".