As people begin hitting the streets now that the gloom of the past year is looking more hopeful, everyone is looking to refresh their wardrobes. One of the most important staples in anyone’s wardrobe is their choice of shoe. This year’s shoe trends are fun, comfortable, and guaranteed to refresh any closet. That is why luxury shoppers have turned to these brands for the upcoming seasons.

  1. KOIO

KOIO is a luxury sneaker brand that is handcrafted in Italy with a modern design and century-old, trusted techniques. These everyday sneakers have a fantastic price point, right in the middle of the luxury market, while the quality is fastened at the top. These monochromatic, comfortable and stylish sneakers are the perfect staple for any wardrobe, so it is easy to see why millennials are obsessed with them. While KOIO produces other types of shoes such as boots, the Capri Triple White is their top seller.

  1. Athletic Propulsion Labs

Athletic Propulsion Labs, or APL, is a cult favorite athletic sneaker brand. They were even banned once in the NBA for being so effective. Celebrities and fitness stars alike love this brand, and SoulCycle even collaborated with APL on a pair of shoes. They are typically around $150-$200, so they are very fairly priced for the quality. They are stylish enough to wear in or out of the gym, which is why you may see them as you scroll through Instagram.

  1. Prada

There is no denying Prada’s classical style and timeless touch. The heels are considered some of the best and most comfortable in the fashion industry, and Prada sneakers are stylish and pleasant as well. From loafers to high heels, Prada’s styles stretch across generations. While the brand may have already won over an older crowd, they have more recently begun appealing to a younger generation. Millennials love the sporty styles and that iconic logo, and the comfort and quality are an added bonus for this group.

  1. Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell is a luxury shoe brand loved for their transparency and quality. The shoes are made using the most ethical factories and materials possible, while remaining affordable. The brand tells you exactly what goes into making each pair of sneakers, and how much it costs down to every detail, similar to Everlane. Oliver Cabell made waves when they launched the sleek Low 1 model, which has been compared to industry favorite Common Projects. The clean and timeless design has generated lots of online buzz, and the brand has kept its integrity through the popularity.

  1. Sotto il Sole

Sotto il Sole is bolstering the art of luxury shoemaking. The finest leather is sourced from a small family-run tannery in Naples, Italy, and each pair of sandals is made by hand. The owners believe there is a story behind every shoe, and they fall in love with each pair’s journey. Making shoes that can last a lifetime is an art form that should

not be lost in a world of disposable fashion. Sotto il Sole offers fair prices and transparency in all that they do. Sotto il Sole offers ten different styles: six flats and four wedges, with multiple color options for each.