For many of us, we can go through years – even decades – of institutionalized schooling, all while never learning about financial strategy, saving, independence, and budgeting. We can go out into the world without the slightest idea of investing and wealth management, or how we can turn even a few dollars into tens of thousands of dollars down the line.

Since we are wholly lacking in this kind of financial education, we find ourselves lacking confidence when it comes to financial strategies. We therefore avoid it altogether, telling ourselves we ‘simply do not know enough.’

But the truth is that financial education and intelligence is a limitless resource that is available to everyone.  It’s not something special that you can only know after studying it for one decade. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle practice that can become part of your everyday life, starting today, says wealth management and passive income strategist, Eva Abert.

Common Sense and Experience

To Eva, financial intelligence isn’t having a PhD in the study of the stock market. Rather, it’s having the awareness and the inclination to continue learning about the better and newer multi income strategies that are popping up every day thanks to the internet. From affiliate marketing and online courses, to ad views, clicks, and more on sites like YouTube, Eva knows every kind of income channel that she happily shares with her clients today.

The only question for Eva to everyone is: are you ready to learn about the 1001 different options available to you?

“The internet has completely levelled the playing field when it comes to financial intelligence, which is why anyone can get into these investing secrets that used to be reserved for a select few," says Eva. "Best of all, build multiple income streams some of which work for you while you sleep. Why work harder when you can work smarter? Thanks to technology and automation, you can make money without lifting a finger after establishing and using the right systems.”

Eva is in the market of building up assets, building up income streams through joint ventures, books, networking, Airbnb, real estate, and crypto, entry as an investor, building up financial routines, money mindsets, cooperation, and moderation. She helps her clients learn the magic of ‘getting rich’ through financial education that includes: mastering relationships with money, systematically building wealth, learning additional streams of income, and learn how to make money work for you and not vice versa. 

How Rich People Think

Not afraid to touch on topics typically regarded as taboo, especially for women, Eva teaches how rich people think, what mistakes you shouldn’t be making when dealing with money, and which strategies everyone can leverage to build up a long-term fortune.

“Sapere Aude: in a world in which there is a flood of information and we no longer need to know anything ourselves, it’s essential to not forget to use our own common sense and not trust everything blindly,” said Eva. “I am transparent with my clients about this use of judgment, which I consider to be a core component of financial intelligence. That is also why I am here to help.”