Andhra Pradesh: Serial Killer Charged With Murder of 8 People Nabbed
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Andhra Pradesh, October 30: A serial killer has been taken into police custody on the charge of murdering eight people in three districts in Andhra Pradesh. According to the Times of India report, the identity of the suspect has not been revealed yet as a probe is currently on. Police have said that the accused used to work as a night watchman at an apartment complex in Eluru.

The man lured the victims with magical items like “powerful” rice, “special” coins and “two-headed" snake' and would say that it would help to remove all the obstacles on their path and they will be able to attain success. Then after taking the money from unsuspecting people, he would kill them. Kolkata Serial Killer Kills Two Women With Chains and Rods, Has Sex With Their Corpses.

He had apparently killed those who questioned him and wanted a refund of their money. The accused has been involved in duping several people. The report further talks about how he mixed poison in soft drinks and killed innocent people. Police were able to zero down on him after a physical education teacher died on October 16 under suspicious circumstances. The post-mortem report of the teacher revealed that he was poisoned to death. The accused was taken into the police custody for questioning and it was then he revealed how he committed each of the crimes.