Balbharti Plans to Introduce One Textbook For All Subjects to Make School Bags Lighter
School Bags (Photo credits: PTI)

Mumbai, January 21: Maharashtra's textbook publishing bureau, Balbharti is planning to introduce one textbook for all subjects. This move is taken to reduce the burden of carrying heavy bags. Under the policy, Class 1 to Class 7 students from the academic year 2020-21 will have a single textbook. Initially, the pilot will run in Marathi medium schools from around 59 blocks across the state. How Much Weight Should Your Children Carry in School Bags? Scientists Have the Answer.

Heavy school bags, because of multiple textbooks, has been a concern for a long time. The heavy weight is also associated with several health hazards. Experts believe that one textbook for all subjects could help reduce school bag weight by 1 kg-2 kg, depending on the class. School Bags Should be Made Lighter, No Home Work For Classes I and 2: HRD Ministry Sends Circular to Schools.

“For some years now, concerns have been raised about children carrying heavy school bags. A government resolution clearly listed out precautions that need to be taken to ensure that the weight of bags goes down. Many had suggested reducing the weight of textbooks by dividing them into ‘sections’ so that students do not have to carry the entire bulky book at all times. Hence, it has been decided to try this on a pilot basis,” reads the announcement.

A similar format was introduced in Uttar Pradesh, where Class 1 students have to carry just one textbook while Class 2 has two. Meanwhile, the government is also implementing different concepts to ensure school-bags weigh lesser.