Coronavirus Home Remedy by TikTok User Lands 10 People in Hospital in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor
Representational Image (Photo Credits: IANS)

Chittoor, April 8: Ten persons in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district landed in the hospital after trying a home remedy suggested in a TikTok video to protect themselves from getting infected by coronavirus. Believing in a video on TikTok, two families in Alapalli village drank a juice made of seeds of Datura Stramonium, a locally available weed with toxic properties. Fact Check: Bananas Prevent Coronavirus Infection? Viral Video Claiming Bananas Can Help Prevent COVID-19 Is FAKE; Here’s the Truth.

The police said on Wednesday the families comprising 10 persons took ill immediately after consuming the juice. Neighbours found them in a semi-conscious state and shifted them to hospital. They were discharged after treatment. 'Stop Eating Bakery Items' Viral Photo Claiming WHO Asking People To Avoid Eating Bakery Products Amid Coronavirus Pandemic is FAKE! Here's The Fact Check.

The local health authorities also took note of the incident and appealed to people not to follow unscientific remedies shown on any social media platform.

The health officials said since there is no vaccine or preventive drug for Covid-19, people should not believe in any video being circulated on social media offering home remedies for the dreaded virus.